Apr 242014

So the last time we met, I don’t even remember what I wrote about. So here’s what’s been going on – we now have 3 cats. Two years ago in May, our Sharon, Peggy, and I captured four feral kittens in the back yard of the house in which I now reside. One of these kittens was this fine boy here, Crumb:


We also caught two of Crumb’s sisters, Bean and Truffle. Bean has now come to live with us, which means we now have Haley (who is 17 this year!), Crumb and Bean. The two orange kitties occupy each other most of the day now, which gives Haley the peace and quiet she deserves.  She’s currently sleeping on her fuzzy dog bed in the middle of a sun spot in the living room. Here’s all three, L->R: Bean, Crumb, Haley.


I haven’t been knitting or spinning lately. I completely got sucked into cross stitch again after not touching it since I was 8 (so…. 23 years!) and all thanks to our JessaLu.  Here’s a sampler I just started working on – it is the 2013 Woodland Sampler from the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.




Look at the cute little mushrooms! I started in the middle since I have the entire pattern, and will need to work my way back up and back down to complete this but it is going quickly. Those gals over at FPS know how to make addictive cute patterns so now my life is consumed by embroidery floss and q-snap frames.



The only other thing that has been going on is a lot of time spent in the gym. I’m going to post about that adventure tomorrow since it has been a while since I’ve discussed certifications and teaching and fitness crap in general.

Nov 072012

Nope. Minimum blog requirement, WIPs tomorrow.


I had an interview today for a job that I would love to have. All good thoughts, mojo, swinging chickens (thanks Lesley), prayers, etc are greatly appreciated :)

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Nov 022012

Today JC was able to get on a train to go to NYC for work for the first time in a week. I’m amazed at how quickly NJ TRANSIT and Amtrak worked to get the North East Corridor up and running for the numerous commuters that travel to and from NY Penn Station daily. Given the amount of destruction that was photographed on other train lines, we lucked out on the NEC.

Personally, we lucked out as we lost power for all of 30 seconds on Monday evening.  Our Sharon lost her power for over 4 days and it finally came back on at 4 am this morning. Our house was on a little island of electrical power – friends came to give their kids showers, and we were able to have hot cooked meals, fresh water, and heat while so m any others are going without.

I spent about 10 minutes in line for gasoline today – our county is now going to be rationing gasoline.  This shouldn’t be an issue for us as of yet because our township does not allow for gas stations to operate within its borders – so we have to leave the township and thus the county to purchase gasoline.


We were very lucky with our end result from Sandy and our thoughts and prayers are with those who are still dealing with the aftermath of this historical storm. Also, many thanks to the many crews involved with getting power back on in our area: PSE&G and all of the crews who came in from other states; to the crews that worked many many hours to get the trains back up for service in 4 days; and thanks to Governor Christie for putting politics aside and focusing on our state.

Sep 302012

So many people already know this but we have a new family member:


This is Crumb. Crumb is a former feral kitten that lived over at Our Sharon’s neighbors house. We trapped him in a humane trap and after a month of quarantine (he was only 5 weeks old when we trapped him), he came to live with us in July (goodness! feels like that was 10 years ago). He is an orange tiger stripe tabby and is almost 5 months old now!


He and Haley get along as well as you can expect a 5 month old kitten and a 15 year old cat to get along :) Things will get better once Crumb gets fixed next month and as he gets older. He is huge compared to what he was when he first came into our lives.


The joys of having a kitten in the house – this morning he took a swim in one of the toilets (clean of course). Oops. Surprise! Hopefully he’s learned not to trust himself on the toilet seat 😉

Jul 012012

Love hanging out with my fellow knitters – Jersey girls came together for a visit from Jen, aka PiddleLoop! We had a fantastic lunch at BRIO and then went to knit at the Barnes & Nobel in Cherry Hill!


It was great to spend the day with Hillary, Jen, Peggy, Sharon and Andrea :) I hope, at least, the Jersey girls get to do it again soon.

Apr 132012

So what have I been up to?

Some Bruce:

Some BodyJam:

Some dyeing:

Some fundraising:
IMG_6490**This colorway: Fade Out Ovarian Cancer is available in the shop as a pre-order. There will be yarn too.

Some more Bruce:
IMAG0614.jpgApologies for the crappy photo – Madison Square Garden is not as forgiving as the Wells Fargo Center. In other news, our next Bruce show is 9/2/2012 😉

Some kitty belly:

And some knitting:

How about you?

Mar 092012

Okay since last time… I think I separated the sleeves on Effortless. Buttons are still not on Dark & Stormy as it needs to be re-blocked. Zipper is still not ordered for Oranje – I need to re-block, measure, and order the damn zipper; then install said zipper. We ended up not dyeing any fiber last weekend (maybe this weekend?).

Things that have happened:

  1. Subbed my first class at the gym on the 27th of February. I forgot to mention this last time.
  2. Spun a little bit of American Silk Sheep – a breed our friend Val has brought into existence. It’s lovely.
  3. I’ve really started to ramp up my job hunt. My current employer is the process of a merger (waiting on approval from the fed) so I’ve begun looking around at what is available – being proactive instead of reactive, yknow?
  4. Went dancing until 3 am last Sunday morning. Whew.
  5. I signed up for another Les Mills certification – this time is BodyStep.

BODYSTEP™ is the energizing step workout that makes you feel liberated and alive. Using a height-adjustable step and simple movements on, over and around the step you get huge motivation from sing-a-long music and approachable instructors. Cardio blocks push fat burning systems into high gear followed by muscle conditioning tracks that shape and tone your body. Like all the LES MILLS™ programs, a new BODYSTEP™ class is released every three months with new music and choreography.


Not much else is going on. I think I’ll do a WIP round up this weekend and hopefully get those sweaters re-blocked. I want an FO photo shoot for those ASAP.