Aug 272011

So as part of our great “weekend” in the Berkshires, Sharon and I headed to WEBS on our way home. It was Sharon’s first time at WEBS (hard to believe!) and we had a blast:


I managed to only buy 5 skeins of yarn and have one photo to show for it –


3 skeins of MadelineTosh Vintage in the Lepidoptra colorway. We’re planning a mini-KAL of Watershed (ravelry link). I can’t wait to get started. Clearly I’m on a pink kick?

I also picked up another skein of cascade 220 in Royal and an extra skein of Cascade 220 sport in Jet for my Oranje cardi. Here’s a progress shot for those playing along at home:

I’m working my way through the waist shaping and just started my second skein of the pink yarn. Maybe I can finish the body by the end of the weekend thanks to the stupid hurricane.

Aug 222011

This past week, I had the glorious opportunity to spend a few days with some really good friends up at JessaLu’s house. Sharon and I drove up on Tuesday and met up with JessaLu and Jessica and headed out to knit night where we got to see Diane and Tina along with a few other people. We had a great time getting some knitting and spinning done and then headed out to Baba Louie’s for a great pizza dinner.


Do you think we have a small Stitched By JessaLu Problem?

We were staying in the pop-up camper in the back yard – it had HEATED beds! Amazing. Makes me want to reconsider camping. On Wednesday, we hit the roads around Great Barrington, going to a farm stand then heading over to JessaLu’s FIL’s house to sit by the lake. It was fantastic. A simple lunch of sandwiches, cookies, and did I mention, GOAT CHEESE, from the local farm stand. OMG. I was in heaven. That evening we had a small cookout in the back yard, made all the food (read: guacamole, tabbouleh, a fantastic salad, corn, burgers, and squash). We settled in on the back porch for some spinning and girl talk. What a great way to spend time with friends.


Sock in progress


Thursday it rained – a lot. So we stayed at the house and spun until Jessica had to leave us – it was so great to see her! We spun some more and then grabbed some Thai food with R, JessaLu’s hubby, in GB. And we got stuck in a HORRIBLE rain storm after we got ice cream at SoCo. We grabbed all of our stuff out of the camper and ran into the house. It turned into a great little sleep over – spinning, sangria (for me!), and Bride and Prejudice kept us gabbing until 2:30 am! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a girlie sleep-over and it is exactly what the doctor ordered!


Adult Spinning

Friday arrived and we were back on the road with a few stops before heading back to NJ. Sharon wanted to see Webs for the first time and I was more than ready to make that happen! We got there and her mind was blown!



After a stop at a local coffee shop for a biscotti and latte, we were back on the road, this time to Albany to see Our Diane. We were treated to a lovely dinner and great conversation and had a truly awesome visit with Diane, E, and Mia.

the only downside to this fantastic trip was that my front fender decided that it didn’t want to be on my car anymore so Sharon and I had to bungee it back onto the car and keep checking it on the way home from NY. The car is now in the shop and I get it back after $450 of work on Tuesday. This is all well and good since there are only 11 sleeps until my weekend in Pittsburgh!

I’ll share my WEBS haul and my spinning progress from this past week hopefully tomorrow.

Jul 102011

Talk about time flying. I’ve been living at the gym again lately – today I taped another video for assessment for the Les Mills BodyJam instructor certification process.  I am resubmitting my video due to not earning enough points on my technique – so hopefully that’s remedied on this second round.  I will be taping another class on Tuesday morning and if need be, a third on July 23. I am so tired of dancing release 54, but it’ll be done after this, hopefully.

Knitting wise, not much has been accomplished – the baby sweater and blanket were finally delivered to their new home, the christening shawl was given as a 1st birthday present, a test knit sock was completed, and not really much else has gone on. Work has been crazy lately with publication deadlines, and the gym has taken over my life again.

That being said, we have been dyeing fiber and loading it in the shop as soon as we can – and there is 10 lbs more to dye! Yikes.

I’m now also helping out Heather and Ida over at crafty detour – I’m planning on writing up a post about test knitting for this week.  We’re also hosting a KAL for the CSI: Most Wanted sock collection – I am proud to say that I was able to help out as a test knitter for these fantastic patterns. Come check out this great collection of sock patterns.

I’m hoping to get some more knitting done this week – work should be lighter (hopefully), so my lunch breaks won’t be occupied by excel charts! I’m trying to finish up my february fitted pullover before allowing myself to get started on Oranje from knitty. I’m knitting mine out of cascade 220 sport in pink, black, and lime green. Can’t wait. There’s also another test knit for yarnissima that I need to get moving on – perhaps that will be next. Too much knitting and not enough time.


Some pics later this week – heck maybe even tomorrow.

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Feb 042011

I’m not a runner.

I’ve never liked running.

Yet, I’ve signed up for my first 5K – specifically the 2011 Philadelphia Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. My MIL is a breast cancer survivor, my grandmother in law, the original Sarah P, just finished up treatment for breast cancer. This issue hits close to home.

I’m accepting sponsors, for more information, you can find my sponsor page here – any amount is appreciated. I’ll also put a link in the sidebar. Our team, Purl for the Cure, is past the half way mark for our fund raising, and we’d like to hit that first goal ASAP.

Would I have been able to complete this event last year at this time? Maybe. Can I do it now? Absolutely. I can’t wait to see what my time is – I’m starting the couch to 5K program next week to get myself ready.

So thanks for reading and sponsoring me if you choose to – for every $500 we raise, it pays for FIVE potentially life-saving mammograms or TEN clinical breast exams—a key step to early detection.  Every amount helps.

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Dec 082010

While I have been making progress in my Christmas knitting and spinning projects, there was a minor setback this morning.

Let me preface this with, I am okay. I was in a car accident this morning. My car is driveable but needs to be repaired:

smooshy car

smooshy car

Smooshy honda fit!

We’re starting the long and tedious process of dealing with the insurance companies. But I am okay. I expect to be sore tomorrow but I am okay :)

Let’s talk about something that is hmm not car accidents! I finished the first sock that I’m knitting at the request of MIL. It’s “brainless” from Yarnissima (That’s a ravelry link).

brainless sock #1

brainless sock #1

I’m still working my way through Rosebuddie for my niece. I’m almost done the last chart and then I can proceed to the edging.

Erika’s sweater is still in progress but I only have the sleeves left to work on – I need to rip out the 4 rows I knit on one to restart and use the jog-less stripe method to alternate the two skeins that I’m working from.

Erika's Ingenue

Erika's Ingenue

There was some stash enhancement after the Skein Maven’s trip to Woolbearers:
A skein of Tosh sock in Oxblood:

MadelineTosh Sock in Oxblood

MadelineTosh Sock in Oxblood

and 3 balls of St. Denis Nordique to knit Juneberry with:

St. Denis Nordique

St. Denis Nordique

I’m going to stop here so I can go relax a bit before another day at the grindstone tomorrow – hopefully I can get to the second gusset on the socks for MILs co-worker.

Oct 142010

Sometimes you need to know when to quit.

There was no way I was going to finish the christening shawl by today. The edging alone has 1200+ stitches. Needless to say, I’m back to the sock commitments that I need to fulfill and hopefully will have the Zur Lederhos’n socks out to Yarnissima on Monday.

christening shawl

I’m further along than this photo shows. The shawl is now slated as a Christmas present. Hopefully M can wear it for her first holy communion or her confirmation or something.

We (Sharon and I) finally got the etsy shop up and running. Come check out our yarn and fiber selection: Stitches ‘n Rows. We also had our first vending experience at this year’s Schuylkill River Fest in Pottstown, PA. Here’s our little booth:

random_2010 020

random_2010 022

And a visitor to Sharon’s CPW:
random_2010 024

We had beautiful weather and our Cheeky came out to demo spindling and was a great sales person – we thank her for this!

Currently, I’m spinning some superwash Merino from Pigeonroof Studios, in the Squall colorway:
random_2010 028

I have some 50/50 baby alpaca/superfine merino on another bobbin and I need to take a photo of that as well.

But, mostly I’ve been knitting on socks and spending time with these two:
random_2010 004

I love that they hang out on the couch together!

Rhinebeck is this weekend and I’ll be there on Saturday only. Come say Hi if you see me!

Oct 042010

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to witness a beautiful wedding between our Jessica and HWJF! We drove up to Mohonk yesterday morning and the weather was perfect, well, except for a frigid breeze on the mountain!

The beginning of the hand binding part of the ceremony with Mr. B.  Their hands were bound using a shawl that Cookie knit from yarn that Jessica spun that was a blend of Corriedale (or was it Cormo?) and angora bunny (yes! stitches!)


And exchanging rings:


oooh shiny!


It was a beautiful ceremony. I managed to not cry (I’m shocked – I cry at everything these days).  We moved to the porch of the mountain house for the cocktail hour.  They had a live band playing all sorts of music and there was a SQUEEZE BOX! Love!

Then we moved to the dining room for dinner. The band played music from Elvis to some random jive to the Beatles. And check out this awesome cake topper:


(sorry for the blurry photo, best I could do with DH’s phone!)

Congratulations again to Our Jessica and her hubby.  Yay Wedding!!! Enjoy your honeymoon!