Nov 012012

Considering that I’m on a paid vacation right now (called being on Notice for termination… yay layoff!) – the purse strings were a little cinched for Rhinebeck this year – well that and omg all the yarn/fiber that I have… not much in the way of purchases this year!


I went in looking for a nice bulky yarn for a tunic sweater eventually but never really found anything that I wanted next to my skin. So I wound up making two purchases, both spinning fiber.


First stop was a sushi roll batt from Into the Whirled.  It was nice to see Cris – saw her last at Maryland Sheep and Wool but not during the summer like in years past. 

Chromatic Composition on Falkland. I’ve spun from a few batts before but never from Cris. I can’t wait. I think I’m going to navajo ply this for a neat gradation yarn.


My second fiber purchase was from Cormo from Foxhill Farm:

I’m not sure if this will see a trip to the dye pot or not yet.


And that’s it! Hopefully in the upcoming days I’ll have a few FOs to talk about and of course a review of Sandy and a pattern/yarn combo that we did with Picnic Knits!

Apr 132012

So what have I been up to?

Some Bruce:

Some BodyJam:

Some dyeing:

Some fundraising:
IMG_6490**This colorway: Fade Out Ovarian Cancer is available in the shop as a pre-order. There will be yarn too.

Some more Bruce:
IMAG0614.jpgApologies for the crappy photo – Madison Square Garden is not as forgiving as the Wells Fargo Center. In other news, our next Bruce show is 9/2/2012 😉

Some kitty belly:

And some knitting:

How about you?

May 072010

So this past Wednesday (May 5, 2010) was the Marvel Employee Friends and Family premiere of Iron Man 2.  When these premieres happen, I have to leave work early to head up to NYC to meet up with the boy! Hooray!

This time wasn’t as much fun.  The night before, the lock to our front door started malfunctioning. We have a touch pad smart lock which is wonderful because we never need a key to the front door. This is also a major pain in the ass because we DON’T HAVE a key to the front door. The lock decided to start beeping constantly, much like a smoke detector does when it goes off, because something was wrong.  I almost missed the movie premiere waiting for our landlord to come over and help us fix the lock or replace it.  He managed to get it to quiet down so that I was able to get to the premiere! Yay.

iron man 2 screening ticket

iron man 2 screening ticket

I love going to the Ziegfeld Theater for these premieres. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the movie.  It is not as bombastic as the first one but it does set the stage for the Avengers movie that is due out in 2012. It also sets the stage for the Thor movie coming out next year. Cannot wait. RDJ was awesome as usual and Gwyneth just does an amazing job as Pepper Potts.

So we get home from the premiere around 2 a.m. on Thursday. Lock has started beeping again. I am furious. We remove the batteries and go to bed. I take the boy to the train the next morning and we just shut the front door and can’t lock it. Great. Makes me feel super secure. I finally get the bright idea to clean off the connector springs, an example of which is below thanks to my TI-89 graphing calculator:

inside of battery

connector springs?

I cleaned the springs off with some rubbing alcohol and amazingly, that fixed the problem. So we can come and go as we please and have our apartment secured! Yay!

I’ve finished some spinning (had to make some room after recent fiber stash expansion) and hope to get some more plying done this weekend. I’m also gearing up for another Yarnissima test knit and am working with Heather on some sock test knitting. So hopefully on Monday, I’ll have some spinning FOs to talk about! Have a great weekend!

Apr 202010

This past weekend I spent Saturday in NYC with Jessica and Sharon. We had a blast running around Soho (we got lost haha).  We managed to visit:

  • J. Crew so I could pet the swatch samples for the bridesmaid’s dress for my cousin’s wedding
  • Purl in their new location. It is a lovely store and just simply dangerous to have the gorgeous fabric and yarn all in ONE place.
  • Peanut Butter and Co
  • peanut butter & co

    peanut butter & co

to get a jar of this:

dark chocolate peanutbutter

dark chocolate peanutbutter!

and to just check the place out. I ended up with one of their cookbooks (OMG fantastic!) and feel that I may go back soon to try some of their food offerings!

  • We also by fortuitous accident found L’asso and had some of the best pizza, buffalo mozzarella and tiramisu I’ve ever had.
  • We then fled Soho and headed for the last bit of the Union Square Farmer’s Market where I bought a billion (okay really 5) giant ginger snap cookies. These cookies are fabulous and I became addicted to them thanks to Cait’s mom.
  • We also stopped by Fishs Eddy to peruse the stock – I love this store, could spend hours here
  • We then headed back to Penn Station and caught a train back to NJ.  I was able to make some progress on my vanilla socks I’ve been working since last year:
zen toe up socks

zen toe up socks

  • Jessica came bearing gifts! I got a bag of floof from her bunny stitches!!!!!!! Cannot wait to figure out what to do with this:
bunny floof

bunny floof

  • Some stash enhancement has happened, a skein of skinny bugga! arrived for me to knit haruni for my cousin’s wedding. I’m thinking this apple-y green will look fabulous against the chocolate brown dress.
skinny bugga!

skinny bugga!

And also, some progress on the Baby Chalice Blanket.

baby chalice blanket in progress

baby chalice blanket in progress

I’m about 50% done (would’ve been more today had I actually knit at lunch, and more yesterday had I remembered to bring my knitting to work with me!) and hope to get more progress in this weekend.  My friend Ashly is coming to visit from Pittsburgh so it will be another jammed packed weekend, spending Friday in NYC, Saturday in Philly, and Sunday in Princeton.  Then next weekend is Maryland Sheep and Wool.  I’m going to need a vacation from the weekends soon!

And as a teaser, this came in the mail this morning:

mmm perwoll

mmm perwoll

Jul 032008

Two weekends ago I went up to Manhattan to visit with Cait.  It was a good time. We strolled around the farmers market at Union Square and I almost bought a bajillion lbs of 100% natural dyed merino from a vendor, but resisted.  Did find some beautiful hygrangeas:

union square flowers

Then it was off to get on a Q to go to lunch:


We went to a fabulous Cuban restaurant called La Havana, and had grilled corn with queso freso and chili powder on it – my goodness I could eat that EVERY day for the rest of my life.  Tiny little restaurant:

la havana


Then it was time to go return some yarn to Purl Soho.  We had these grand plans of going to the Mermaid Parade on Coney Island but they never materialized. We did however, end up at soapology and another neat little store that I just cannot remember the name for the life of me.  Sadly, the Chocolate bar moved or closed, or something – I was looking forward to getting some chocolate from there!

It was a long and very full day – glad I could spend it with Miss Cait 😀

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