Jul 182010

Yes yes yes. I finished the shawl test knit. I have successfully not killed my tomato plant.  I spun more floof for the tour de fleece. Now for the details!

The shawl is designed by Heather, a.k.a. digitalnabi on ravelry and plurk, and I just love it. I used wollmeise in the Granatapfel colorway (translates to pomegranate). Here are some blocking shots:

strawberry shawl

lace detail:

strawberry shawlWhich I believe I blocked wrong so that will have to be re-blocked!

And of course my blocking assistant:

full strawberry shawl

Heather says she hopes to have this pattern available in August. I think it may just be the new ishbel! If you are jonesing for a new pattern, I recommend checking out the criminal sock series over at CraftyDetour – Heather is designing a series of sock patterns and I’ve been test knitting for her and they are just amazing.

In other news…

The tomato plant my dad got me has yielded its first tomato:


And let me tell you, it was delicious on my cracked black pepper burger tonight.

The next one should be ready to go in a day or so:


And there are more waiting to ripen:

green tomato

JC has been sending me photos of the rabbits at the train station – there are more than 5 that live on the to trenton side of the tracks so on our way to see Inception last night we stopped by so I could see them. Only two were out and they will let you get rather close to them and they do not flinch at all when the high speed amtrak trains fly by a few feet away:

rabbitJust look at that little cotton fluff!

Speaking of animals, we have had an issue with birds trying to build a nest above our front door and our crazy neighbor upstairs having animal control on speed dial. But that’s neither here nor there, so here’s a photo of baby birds!

baby birds

I’ve been keeping busy with dyeing fiber in the evenings. Here’s the latest from the dyepot, all Falkland roving :

Gallery on High colorway-

gallery on high

Kiwi –

kiwiContusion –

contusion rovingAnd as far as spinning goes, I finished plying up 4.3 oz of superwash merino in the Forest colorway from Pigeonroof Studios today:

forest superwash merino

But now I best get back to my lime vodka tonic and my other test knitting project!

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  1. Woo Hoo!

    You’ve been so busy!


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