Jan 202008

Right, so until September 2008, actually September 27, 2008, I am not allowed to buy anymore yarn. It is stash busting time, and well, I need to save $ for the wedding.  Plus, I am totally addicted to knitting socks! So far, I have finished the following:

A pair of RPM socks from knitty.com knit using magic loop and out of Koigu KPPPM,

A pair of hot pink fetchings, knit using magic loop and debbie bliss cashmerino aran,

And the first sock of a pair of Cookie A's BFF socks, knit using magic loop and out of koigu KPPPM.

Things that are planned to be knit,

  • anthropologie inspired capelet
  • wicked sweater – just waiting on size 7 needles
  • more socks
  • more fetchings

I managed to take a few pics of yarn I received for xmas, or purchased on 12/31/07 (stash busting started jan 1, 2008), and some that has been marinating in the stash for a while. 

knitting 012knitting 010knitting 011knitting 009knitting 008knitting 007

Job wise, more interviews have come and gone, still waiting on a decision on one position, and have decided to seek certification to teach in the state of NJ – so I will be sitting the PRAXIS I/II hopefully by March, so I can seek employment as a HS Math teacher. Nothing else is really going on on that front.

I've decided to go Wheat/Gluten Free with my diet.  So far it is working out well.  I made this decision because there is a wheat/gluten sensitivity in my family – my one nephew is in fact allergic to both, as well as soy.  I find that I feel more together and my blood sugar seems to be more stable.  Plus, losing 5lbs right off the bat always helps 😉

Wedding wise, we have met with a photographer, probably the one we will go with, an have scheduled a meeting with the DJ for the reception.  Soon I will have to start looking for my dress, but I'm trying to slim down a little more before that happens! Things are going smoothly, but this stuff is expensive, makes me fear for when/if my children decide to get married (when we have kids that is).

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  2 Responses to “Year of socks & stashbusting”

  1. Good luck with the stashbusting! In case you are interested in company: There is a stashbusting cheer-along group on flickr (use what you have).

  2. He-he! )) you are a real socks maniac! ))

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