Nov 302011

I’m currently suffering from a shawl addiction.


I have knit two Phenomenally in the past 3 weeks, and am currently plowing through my first Juneberry Triangle. Love. Here are some progress shots for Juneberry:

I have 10 rows to go before the knit on edging. Maybe by the end of next week I’ll have a FO post lined up. I have some more of this yarn in the Wine colorway (yes, I bought the colorway that was used in the actual pattern) that will be the second shawl.  Also lined up is Idlewood, a KAL I’m falling behind on with my knitting group, a pair of endpaper mitts, and another sample knit for the wonderful Heather. Thank goodness for 2 weeks off at the end of December!

  3 Responses to “Shawl Addiction”

  1. Hey, if you’re enjoying the shawl binge, more power to you. This is why I avoid deadline knitting like the plague :)

  2. Juneberry was a bit of an addicting knit for me! I knit two back to back and I rarely knit two of anything. Seeing yours makes me want to knit it again!

  3. Your Juneberry looks great! I went on a shawl binge a while back. They are super addicting!

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