Jun 032009

This is a really neat idea!  The signups end today (June 3) but go head to the Ravelry group: A Starbucks and Yarn Swap and check out the details.

Here are the guidelines:

Sign Up Begins: May 27th

Sign Up Ends: June 3rd

Matches Sent Out: June 5th

What Will Go In The Kit

$10 Sbux Gift Card
One hank/skein of yarn
One small projects pattern (i.e. wash cloth, fingerless mitts, coasters, ect.)
One set of Stitch markers

Dollar Amount:
Minimum of $20 – Maximum of $30

Duration of Swap:
Two (2) Months

Swap Ends: August 7th

All participants will need to check in weekly. There will be a weekly check-in thread posted. Passes will be given to those on vacation and if family emergencies come up, but any absences must be communicated as soon as possible. After being absent for two weeks with no communication swappers will be dropped from the swap.

If you do decide to sign up, tell ’em Sairy sent ya 😀   it also doesn’t matter if you are non-US – people from Canada and the UK and other places have already joined 😀

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  1. Miss Sarah, I made it over here-finally. You have some sweet lookin’ socks going on and the sweater is gorgeous. You do not suck at blogging one bit. I’ll add you to my favorites so I can keep my eye on things!

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