Oct 252012

When I started dating my husband in 2000 (wow), we started a family tradition of both of our families sharing Christmas Eve dinner together.  My mother in law is Polish, so the meal consists mostly of pierogi! We usually get them from the local Orthodox church up the road from their house but this year I’m going to try my hand at making them.


We’ll be following one of the recipes in this book that she’s had for years.  We even have the tart-master thing and everything else. I think we’ll be making potato & cheese, some cheese filled, and some sauerkraut ones (DH’s favorite).  The dry run will be the day after Thanksgiving and then we’ll make a bunch I think the weekend of Christmas. I am really looking forward to this – DH said he’d help too!

Oct 142010

Sometimes you need to know when to quit.

There was no way I was going to finish the christening shawl by today. The edging alone has 1200+ stitches. Needless to say, I’m back to the sock commitments that I need to fulfill and hopefully will have the Zur Lederhos’n socks out to Yarnissima on Monday.

christening shawl

I’m further along than this photo shows. The shawl is now slated as a Christmas present. Hopefully M can wear it for her first holy communion or her confirmation or something.

We (Sharon and I) finally got the etsy shop up and running. Come check out our yarn and fiber selection: Stitches ‘n Rows. We also had our first vending experience at this year’s Schuylkill River Fest in Pottstown, PA. Here’s our little booth:

random_2010 020

random_2010 022

And a visitor to Sharon’s CPW:
random_2010 024

We had beautiful weather and our Cheeky came out to demo spindling and was a great sales person – we thank her for this!

Currently, I’m spinning some superwash Merino from Pigeonroof Studios, in the Squall colorway:
random_2010 028

I have some 50/50 baby alpaca/superfine merino on another bobbin and I need to take a photo of that as well.

But, mostly I’ve been knitting on socks and spending time with these two:
random_2010 004

I love that they hang out on the couch together!

Rhinebeck is this weekend and I’ll be there on Saturday only. Come say Hi if you see me!

Sep 222010

Just a glimpse as to what needs to be knit sooner rather than later:

  1. haruni #2
  2. test sock #5
  3. pair of Zur Lederhos’n for yarnissima
  4. finish test sock #4 sock #2
  5. Empoisonnée sock #2
  6. ingenue for cousin
  7. Rhinebeck sweater – possibly February fitted pullover.

Am I done yet?

Okay let’s update this unposted list :)

  1. haruni #2
  2. test sock #5
  3. pair of Zur Lederhos’n for yarnissima – half done
  4. finish test sock #4 sock #2
  5. Empoisonnée sock #2
  6. ingenue for cousin – back burner
  7. Rhinebeck sweater – possibly February fitted pullover – abandoned for…
  8. Rosebuddie – christening shawl for niece, must complete by 10/15 and I just cast it on today and finished section A.


Jul 162010

Almost a month again. Sheesh. I haven’t been purposely ignoring the blog, honest, just running around like a maniac.

First, I got to meet my new niece, Marisa. She took a nap on my chest while we were visiting for nephew #4’s birthday:


Marisa takes a nap

I finished my cousin’s shawl and my own shawl.  Erika’s shower was on 7/10 and she really enjoyed herself.  I got to spend most of the day with her which is nice since she lives in Pittsburgh and we don’t see each other very often.

Pattern: Haruni (ravelry link – it’s a free pdf download!)

Yarn: Wollmeise 100% superwash merino in Frühling

Cast on: 6/20/2010

Cast off: 7/2/2010


haruni in eye searing acid green wollmeise

and my lovely blocking assistant:

blocking assistant

my ever helpful blocking assistant

I’ve also been busy doing some test knitting for Heather (over at Crafty Detour and for her personal designs, at digitalnabi) which has involved another sock pattern and a shawlette pattern.  I’m now completely addicted to lace, thanks to Haruni and the new shawlette which I believe is being called Strawberry.

And since it’s July and the tour de france is going on, we spinners have the tour de fleece at the same time! Here’s what I’ve managed to spin up since the start:

superwash merino in cheshire cat

135 yards, navajo plied superwash merino in the Cheshire cat colorway

pigeonroofstudios superwash merino230 yards of 2 ply superwash merino from Pigeonroof Studios in the exit song colorway – this was a club shipment from Krista’s regular fiber club.

And finally,

the professor225 yards of 2 ply Falkland that I dyed, the colorway name is Professor Von Buren (JC came up with it, don’t ask).

I’m trying to get better with measuring the yardage I’ve been ending up with. So far so good. On the wheel currently is more superwash merino from PigeonRoof, I’m trying to spin down my stash!

forestI’m almost done the singles and hope to finish this up by the end of this weekend if I don’t completely get sucked into my test knitting which has been the case lately.

More tomorrow!

Apr 292010

So the baby chalice blanket has been completed with time to spare!!! Yay! I’m finally at the tail end of the baby knitting marathon. I do have some sweaters I want to knit for my niece to be, but those are going to be sized 6 months and larger and will most likely be xmas presents. So without further ado . . .

Pattern: baby chalice blanket

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted Multi in Clara’s Garden

Cast on: 4/4/2010

Cast off: 4/27/2010

Needles: US 10 40″ Addi Turbo

Techniques: used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind off

blanket after binding off

blanket after binding off

And of course I had a blocking assistant:

blocking baby blanket

what do you mean I'm sitting on pins?

And after blocking, I am in love with the finished project!

blocked baby blanket

Ready for snuggling

And a close up of the lace:

lace close up

lace detail

My sister-in-law is due in early June but I will deliver this next weekend when I’m home next.

I’m still working away on the Empoisonnée socks from the fall 2008 Twist Collective. I’m using Wollmeise 100% superwash merino sock in the Single Malt colorway and I am in love.

empoisonnee progress

poisonous malt sock


cable detail

cable detail

I simply love all of Marjan (or Yarnissima‘s) patterns. I am fortunate enough to be one of her many test knitters, and really, her patterns are the perfect match for the beautiful yarn that Claudia (or the Wollmeise) dyes.

Okay, so that’s all that I’ve finished/been working on. This weekend is Maryland Sheep & Wool, and I’ll be attending with Sharon, and it’s our first visit to MDS&W.  I was sick last year, and it was right before Our Jessica’s surgery, so I ended up skipping, and then the other two halves of my brain, Sharon and Jessica, ended up not going. So sad. We will only be there on Saturday and may not stay the entire day. But first! We are staying at my parents’ house in PA tomorrow evening so it takes a bit of time off of our trip and we will be avoiding the I-95 corridor completely. YAY.

And now for the family stuff, my grandmother in law, Mom-Mom, the original Sarah P (she and I have the same initials, she is Sarah Matilda where I am Sarah Maria), at age 81, was diagnosed with breast cancer this month. She will be undergoing a mastectomy on May 5, so we will be trekking back home to visit with her.  We were pleased to find out that it is not the same type of cancer that my mother-in-law had (inflammatory breast cancer), but it may have spread to her skin. So any and all good thoughts, prayers, mojo, juju, etc, is greatly appreciated at this time.  I adopted John’s grandparents when we started dating (over 10 years ago), and refer to them as Grandmom, Mom-Mom and Pop-pop, since I lost all of my grandparents before the age of 10 (and my mom’s parents passed before I was born). I love them all dearly, but Mom-Mom and I are both Sarah’s with an H.

That’s it for now, I hope to have a post after MDS&W on Sunday so stay tuned!

Apr 092010

I’m not a proficient lace knitter (unlike someone I know :) ) but when my cousin announced she was getting married this year, I felt the urge to knit her a shawl.

When we were kids we fought constantly.  Erika is younger by 10 months, but is really my first cousin Beth’s daughter. We went to college together at Pitt (I was one year ahead) and while I was in grad school she was applying for programs to be a Physician’s Assistant. She graduated last May and begun working at a hospital in Pittsburgh.  I could not be more proud of her. She worked very hard for her degree and deserves all the success in the world.

So I decided on something plain, classic, simple. This is Erika’s style. I chose Purity from Rowan 43.  Sharon gave me the yarn, it’s a cone of alpaca laceweight in an off white color. I’m 30 rows into the main part of the shawl, and hope to finish the first Ruffle by June.

Having been down the road of prepping for a wedding recently, I am thrilled and excited for Erika.  Her hubby to be, Rob, is wonderful.  I am very happy that they found each other.

Wedding shawl in progress

Wedding shawl in progress

Apr 082010

I’m finally seeing it.

I’ve knit 5 baby sweaters since February. All babies are accounted for except my niece to be.  The focus for her is a baby blanket. I have the yarn, I’m borrowing needles from Our Jessica. My SIL isn’t due until June. Plenty of time.  Sweaters will happen when they happen (I’m planning on knitting everything 6 months or higher since she’s a summer baby!). But I’m waiting on those needles until I see Jess, so that’s a good week of NON-BABY Knitting!!!

But here’s some FO shots of the sweaters for Amber and her twins that we are all waiting to meet!

BSJs for Amber and Johnny

BSJs for Amber and Johnny

The blue one was knit out of Good Grrl from Tempted in the Coral Reef colorway.  The pink one is knit out of Cascade Heritage Hand-painted Sock in some numbered colorway.

BSJs for Amber and Johnny

BSJs for Amber and Johnny

But after 3 of these in a row, I think I’m done with the BSJ for a while.  However, I am loving Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off for these little sweaters!  And after losing one of the buttons in our sofa, I managed to hit the 50% off button sale at Jo-Ann. Woohoo.

I’ve been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having here in NJ and anxiously awaiting the opening of the local farmer’s market and farm stand that is around the corner from our place.

That’s it for now, hopefully I’ll have a completed Square-Cake purse and a sock completed soon.  I’m heading to PA this weekend to attend Fashion Plates 4, a fundraiser that benefits the non-profit community art school my MIL helps to run. I get to make good use of my grandmother’s sewing machine that was refurbished by my uncle as a wedding present. I’m thrilled!!!

Jan 162010

Okay, here’s the round up post on all of those one liners about my dad.

Sometime during the night of Wednesday January 6th, his appendix burst.  He woke up feeling like he had a very bad stomach virus/food poisoning.  Eventually on Thursday, at the insistance of my Aunt Diane (who lives with my parents), my brother was called and my mom came home from work to get him to the hospital via ambulance (trying to skip the long wait for ER by sending him in this way).  He was taken back right away and they started treating his symptoms (pain, nausea) and they ordered a CT scan.  The first scan must not have been very conclusive as a second one was ordered later that evening.  Then it was discovered that his appendix had burst and he was rushed into emergency surgery around 1:30 am on Friday.

He now has a 14″ scar because they could not do this surgery laparoscopically – this is because (which may also apply to me since it seems to run in our family) his appendix was not in the correct place, instead it was tucked up and under his intestines.  Thank goodness for this because it probably saved his life.  The surgeon cleaned out his abdomen, checked everything else and closed him up.  He was moved to the medical/surgical recovery floor of the hospital and was recovering well.  Saturday morning the physical therapists/nurses made him get up and walk and when he did, he became light headed and was having difficulty breathing, so a chest x-ray was ordered and it was discovered that he had developed blood clots in both of his lungs.  He was then moved to the Critical Care Unit (a different way to say ICU) for the rest of the day and for most of Sunday.  He was started on blood thinners and they were watching his breathing/heart function.  Sunday evening he was moved to the Progressive Care Unit, a step down from the ICU.  He remained there until Monday, where he was moved back to the medical/surgical floor.

He is still in the hospital today because they are trying to get his blood levels sorted out, the blood thinners worked too well and now they are trying to adjust him back to normal.  He’ll be having a screen put in to help this process but hopefully sometime this week he will be able to go home or to a rehab facility.

Considering Dad is NEVER sick this has thrown us all for a loop since he’ll be 75 this year. I’m just glad he’s okay!

Sep 042007

why hello there vox.  it's been so long.  happy labor day.  florida was wonderful.  here are some pictures:

florida 024florida 021florida 016

florida 001florida 034florida 029florida 028florida 027

florida 008florida 007florida 006florida 005florida 004florida 003florida 002

florida 015florida 014florida 010florida 002yarn 004

We did not go to any parks, but spent time at Fantasia Golf, Downtown Disney, City Walk, and at the Marriott resort where we stayed. The weather was beautiful, no difference in the weather back home, and we had a really nice time. 

I went back to work on Tuesday for my brother, but not after having a screwed up interview attempt from an insurance company near Sleepy Hollow.  They called to schedule at 8 am (who does this?!) while I was dead asleep.  I call back, never find out who the company is or what position I'm interviewing for, (remember, dead asleep), and schedule for 10:30 the following Thursday. They call BACK at 3:45 pm asking if I had scheduled and if I was available for 10:45 on Tuesday (?!) and I corrected them.  Later that evening, we placed several calls to them to find out the company – which I then researched all open ads on Monster and CareerBuilder – sales positions.  SO. They want a person with a Master's degree in Statistics to sell insurance policies to unions.  Nice.  I call back the next day, because I wanted more information and also because they were supposed to email me to confirm – never got that email.  I gave them until 12 noon on Wednesday to return my call, and it never came.  So I stayed put.  Haven't heard from them still.  It's probably for the best. 

Later that day, I received an email from my recruiter about a conference in NYC that I will be attending for networking purposes, and hopefully, to learn something too 😉

This weekend, New Age Amazon came out for a visit and we picked up castingon on Saturday while we spent the day in Philadelphia.  It was great, perfect weather, and a good time was had by all except for the disappointing lunch at Copa Banana.  Sunday we spent a little bit of time at the King of Prussia Plaza, cooked out on the grill for dinner and had delicious ice cream at Soloman's while Dash investigated the ducks at the duckpond.  Today, I took both of them back and spent some time at a picnic making smores and hanging out with family friends.  It was a great weekend!

Tomorrow I will be playing office queen so that my brother can have a day off – my nephews go back to school tomorrow!  Later this week I will be heading up to White Plains to go apartment hunting with the fiance and then hopefully moving up there with him ASAP – Recruiter says things will be picking up very soon!  Thank goodness summer is unofficially over! 

Knittingwise, I've finished Carolyn's birthday present which I need to mail down in October and have started my first REAL pair of socks.  I will update photos of this tomorrow.  I'm really enjoying the Cherry Tree Hill yarn.  Oh how could I forget!  Fluxx and I did a yarn swap and my treasures arrived on Saturday.  I am so excited for the new yarn!  It is BEAUTIFUL.  Pictures will be up tomorrow and possible project ideas!

florida 013florida 010

I think this may be the longest update I've ever written.  This is what a good vacation does :)  Let's hope I make it through the day tomorrow!  Oi. 

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