Mar 142012

Sleeves have been separated on Effortless. I have another inch and a half until I start the waist shaping. I should really try this thing on… maybe at knitting group tonight.


The next two skeins are ready to go. I think I did a pretty good job of matching them up at WEBS. I’m still alternating between two skeins every 2 rows for a more mottled effect. It’s coming out nicely. At least I think so.


But some of you know that I don’t usually go to knitting on Wednesday evenings – I’m usually at the gym teaching BodyJam with Our Sharon. Well, this past Monday, I fell during BodyStep class and sprained my left ankle – I have to stay off of it for 2 weeks.  I’m okay to walk on it normally because I was special and did a lateral sprain instead of the “normal” ankle sprain.


I spent yesterday with my foot up on my desk and today is very similar. So please, send some good ankle healing mojo to me so I can get back to dancing and preparing for the bodyjam launch weekend on April 21!