Feb 222008

Okay it has been ages since I have felt that I have had anything to blog about.  Still unemployed. Still interviewing.  Still Knitting.  Still wedding planning.  But! I have news.

We have a photographer.  Rick Blanco is just awesome.  It is a husband and wife team and they have already sent us a small planning binder.  Just so many personal touches, I am just very very impressed.  Mom and I went to a bridal fair at La Massaria last weekend. Spoke with the florist that we will be using, as well as Kharissa about the planning at the site.  Tasted food at the site, chicken marsala, which was just excellent.  We also spent saturday trying on dresses at two bridal shops – one in East Greenville and one in Harleysville.  No luck.  So things are going along nicely. 

Monday, my mom, godmother (Aunt Charlotte) and I drove out to Lancaster to see the Alfred Angelo store.  I *found* my dress. Here it is: MY DRESS!!! Thank goodness.  Now we can really talk to the florist and figure all of that out as well as the baker. 

Knitting wise, I'm working on finishing up my wicked sweater.  I have a pair of knucks to knit for a friend in the UK and that is about it.  I just participated in the She-Knits Super Secret Swap and received my package and it is just wonderful.  I will post a photo later.  I also received my shipment of Malabrigo from Fabulous Yarns!

I am getting a new camera too!  Yay.  I ordered a Canon Digital Rebel XT  8 MP body and a 28-105 mm lens since my piddly sony cybershot 4.1 mp is on it's last leg – the usb cable is dying and the display screen is shot.  I have been saving my pennies for this.  The yarn above was a weak moment after a job interview that won't lead to anything until June as it is with how the economy is lately. 

Ok back to purging my room, I have too much stuff.  Eep!

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Nov 162007

It just sucks when you are more than 50% done with a project, and none of your yarn is from the SAME dye batch. All 3 skeins of my manos del uruguay in wildflowers are different.  Seriously different.  So that little scarf I posted about in my last post is now gone, back to the frog pond. 

On a happier note, it is interview city this week and next – tomorrow I have one at AC Nielsen in CT, one Monday at a company in Mount Laurel, NJ and my darling recruiter just emailed me about another position in NYC that may be the one. If anything, I am getting the most interview experience ever.

I just cannot wait for Thanksgiving, even though there is a crazy amount of preparations that need to happen – just glad I am home for now and can help my mom. 

Oh well, time to study me some statistics.

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