Feb 222008

Okay it has been ages since I have felt that I have had anything to blog about.  Still unemployed. Still interviewing.  Still Knitting.  Still wedding planning.  But! I have news.

We have a photographer.  Rick Blanco is just awesome.  It is a husband and wife team and they have already sent us a small planning binder.  Just so many personal touches, I am just very very impressed.  Mom and I went to a bridal fair at La Massaria last weekend. Spoke with the florist that we will be using, as well as Kharissa about the planning at the site.  Tasted food at the site, chicken marsala, which was just excellent.  We also spent saturday trying on dresses at two bridal shops – one in East Greenville and one in Harleysville.  No luck.  So things are going along nicely. 

Monday, my mom, godmother (Aunt Charlotte) and I drove out to Lancaster to see the Alfred Angelo store.  I *found* my dress. Here it is: MY DRESS!!! Thank goodness.  Now we can really talk to the florist and figure all of that out as well as the baker. 

Knitting wise, I'm working on finishing up my wicked sweater.  I have a pair of knucks to knit for a friend in the UK and that is about it.  I just participated in the She-Knits Super Secret Swap and received my package and it is just wonderful.  I will post a photo later.  I also received my shipment of Malabrigo from Fabulous Yarns!

I am getting a new camera too!  Yay.  I ordered a Canon Digital Rebel XT  8 MP body and a 28-105 mm lens since my piddly sony cybershot 4.1 mp is on it's last leg – the usb cable is dying and the display screen is shot.  I have been saving my pennies for this.  The yarn above was a weak moment after a job interview that won't lead to anything until June as it is with how the economy is lately. 

Ok back to purging my room, I have too much stuff.  Eep!

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Jan 202008

Right, so until September 2008, actually September 27, 2008, I am not allowed to buy anymore yarn. It is stash busting time, and well, I need to save $ for the wedding.  Plus, I am totally addicted to knitting socks! So far, I have finished the following:

A pair of RPM socks from knitty.com knit using magic loop and out of Koigu KPPPM,

A pair of hot pink fetchings, knit using magic loop and debbie bliss cashmerino aran,

And the first sock of a pair of Cookie A's BFF socks, knit using magic loop and out of koigu KPPPM.

Things that are planned to be knit,

  • anthropologie inspired capelet
  • wicked sweater – just waiting on size 7 needles
  • more socks
  • more fetchings

I managed to take a few pics of yarn I received for xmas, or purchased on 12/31/07 (stash busting started jan 1, 2008), and some that has been marinating in the stash for a while. 

knitting 012knitting 010knitting 011knitting 009knitting 008knitting 007

Job wise, more interviews have come and gone, still waiting on a decision on one position, and have decided to seek certification to teach in the state of NJ – so I will be sitting the PRAXIS I/II hopefully by March, so I can seek employment as a HS Math teacher. Nothing else is really going on on that front.

I've decided to go Wheat/Gluten Free with my diet.  So far it is working out well.  I made this decision because there is a wheat/gluten sensitivity in my family – my one nephew is in fact allergic to both, as well as soy.  I find that I feel more together and my blood sugar seems to be more stable.  Plus, losing 5lbs right off the bat always helps 😉

Wedding wise, we have met with a photographer, probably the one we will go with, an have scheduled a meeting with the DJ for the reception.  Soon I will have to start looking for my dress, but I'm trying to slim down a little more before that happens! Things are going smoothly, but this stuff is expensive, makes me fear for when/if my children decide to get married (when we have kids that is).

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Jan 072008

So, today,  I have another interview, and it is only a 15 drive from the new apartment – we've relocated to Princeton Junction, NJ and I love love love it.  We are in driving distance of great things like Whole Foods and Wegman's and several other things. 

What changes am I making for 2008?  I've decided to go Wheat/Gluten Free and so far, it has been a great thing.  I've lost 5 lbs, increased my vitamin uptake since I've been scarfing down fruits and veg like crazy.  When I eat wheat based products now, my cheeks get very red, just like my 2nd nephew, who has a wheat/gluten/soy allergy.  So there is definitely a family thing going on since my one aunt is on a wheat free diet now too.  The boy has volunteered to join me on this quest and I hope he is okay with it. This whole thing was spurred by watching episodes of You Are What You Eat on BBC America. 

Knitting wise, I want to learn new techniques and try to reduce my stash – this means knitting a lot of socks.  I want to try toe up socks, norweigan purling, more fair isle, and will be doing my first knit a-long, on the wicked sweater.

Not much else has been going on…. boring yes, but relaxing at the same time. 

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Dec 292007

I'm now 25.  Exciting? yes. My birthday was kinda dull, hung out at the house all day, worked on xmas presents, got lots of love on facebook and myspace and my brother called, but that was about it.  That evening it was the pierogi fest and we decided to make some ricotta based gnocchi.  Delish.  Red velvet cupcakes? Even better.  Birthday presents included the following: 

  • pink nintendo ds
  • tempurpedic pillows
  • skully umbrella from castingon
  • knitting beyond the edge from jc
  • second season of fraggle rock from jc
  • laptop sleeve from jc's mom & dad
  • gift certificate to Purl Soho from jc's mom & dad
  • gift certificate to Yarnings from godmother

Xmas was nice.  Spent the morning unwrapping presents and eating delicious banana bread french toast!  Went over to my brother's house for dinner with jc and unwrapped more presents with the nephews.  Was a great time!  Lots of delicious food and coffee and homemade hot chocolate! Some xmas gifts:

  • ott lite floor lamp
  • cashmere sweaters
  • bedside water jar + glass thing
  • 2 manic street preacher cds
  • older lidia bastianich cookbook
  • french onion soup crocks
  • mini food processor
  • gift cards to VS, the new outlets, and crate & barrell

Tomorrow is move in day for jc to his new apartment in NJ.  Totally excited.  Already found Pins and Needles and will hopefully get to stop in there tomorrow.  Next interview is on Jan 4 for an entry level data analyst position in NYC.  Hopefully something comes of this. 

The first big payment was made on the reception site today.  Just means that the wedding is coming that much sooner.  Jan 12 we are meeting with the photographer and at some point I have to go meet with the baker and the florist just to let them know that ya we have a wedding on sept 27 and start talking ideas with them.  And of course, I still need to get my dress and talk to all of the girls involved.  So much to do, and not really being able to do any of it is frustrating. 

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and has a safe and happy new year!

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Nov 162007

It just sucks when you are more than 50% done with a project, and none of your yarn is from the SAME dye batch. All 3 skeins of my manos del uruguay in wildflowers are different.  Seriously different.  So that little scarf I posted about in my last post is now gone, back to the frog pond. 

On a happier note, it is interview city this week and next – tomorrow I have one at AC Nielsen in CT, one Monday at a company in Mount Laurel, NJ and my darling recruiter just emailed me about another position in NYC that may be the one. If anything, I am getting the most interview experience ever.

I just cannot wait for Thanksgiving, even though there is a crazy amount of preparations that need to happen – just glad I am home for now and can help my mom. 

Oh well, time to study me some statistics.

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Nov 062007

1.  It does not take an hour and 10 minutes to drive from Nyack NY to Fairfield CT, more like 45 minutes.

2.  People in CT that drive on I-95 drive crazier than people in Philly driving on I-95.  Wow.

3.  The Tappan – Zee Bridge, which is an 8 lane bridge, that has no sidewalks on it, has a suicide hotline sign right near the actual start of the bridge on I-287 West.  I think anyone wanting to jump into the Hudson River would be roadkill before they even had the chance. 

4.  I really want this job I interviewed for today – 3.5 hour long interviews = massive headache for me.

I think that is it, oh wait!

5.  The ladies at the Knotty Girl Knit & Yarn Club in Fairfield, CT are fantastic and I wish they were not closing. 

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Oct 312007

Sadly, I have nothing planned for tonight.  No one is around to go do anything so I guess I'm going to spend the evening at the boy's house watching Kitchen Nightmares and just hanging out. 

I had a phone interview with AC Nielsen yesterday that appeared to go really well.  I'm waiting on the follow up interview to be scheduled, where I will be interviewing with the Recruiter and the Hiring Manager (I think) which should take place some time this week. 

I was supposed to have another phone interview this morning but due to a family emergency it needed to be postponed.  So I'm waiting on my recruiter from Smith Hanley to reschedule this one as well.  So we are back to the waiting game. 

I was able to baby sit my youngest nephew last friday and he is such a cutie pie. I'll have to post a photo of him later on once I get home. 

Nothing much has been going on, so there really isn't that much to say. 

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Oct 232007

Okay, Thursday is my interview at the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board in Harrisburg.  This is really just for more interview practice, since I really need to be heading to NY to be with my bb.  Then, at some point next week, I have TWO, yes TWO, phone interviews, one through my darling recruiter from SmithHanley, and the other is with AC Neilsen for two different positions in Connecticut – Stamford and Fairfield.  This means the move to White Plains may actually happen (!) and then we will have the equidistant place between our two commutes. 

The boy received a raise at marvel, and hopefully in 3 months he will be full time.  This whole thing is finally settling in nicely and working out as his lease is up Jan 1.  Yes this does mean that the wedding planning is going to be a bit different, but the people at La Massaria are more than helpful!  But seriously, this wedding gown thing needs to start happening soon, I'm not where I'd like to be weight wise, but it'll happen.

Knitting wise, I finished my first pair of grown up socks (read: not footies and not simple ribbed) and they are wonderful.  Carolyn's socks will be sent tomorrow – sending footies to florida! And everyone elses presents are coming along nicely.  I need to buy some soft yarn to make McKenna a cute little scarf and a hat – how cute will this 2 year old get? Super cute! Fortunately, there is no real xmas knitting list.  YES I can't believe it. 

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Oct 202007

Okay, the scarf of d00m is still kicking my ass.  Two skeins left, two more arriving from knit picks later this coming week, I will finish this by christmas.  Still sick of knitting it.  


Hopefully it will GROW when I block it. In other knitting news,  I purchased more yarn after the dreaded interview,


Going to Purl soho is just a dangerous thing anymore.  It would be more dangerous however, if they carried Malabrigo. Anyway, the job hunt continues.  Another round of applying awaits me this weekend, and an interview in Harrisburg on Thursday of this week is in the books.  I had an interview in Center city this week, but it was to be a person that sells mutual funds – kill me now.  So most of my weekend will be consumed by Monster.com, nytimes.com, and baking iced soft pumpkin cookies (I wish I could send some to you girls, New Age Amazon and Stuff). 

Congrats go out to ●ßoηi†a.in.Ρink● and her hubby on the birth of their first child, Sophia.  And now a travis song about babies!

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