Feb 292012

So, probably most of you already know that I’m doing a mini KAL with our JessaLu – the Effortless Cardi (ravelry link!) by Hannah Fettig.  We’re both using Madelinetosh yarn, mine in Alizarin and JessaLu’s in Amber Trinket.

Look, I have a pretty giant box bag too –

Delicious Madelinetosh yarn:

Nice even stitches:

A little closer:

I can’t wait until this is finished. It’s Rhinebeck Sweater #2 (yes!) for me this year. One more set of raglan increases and then I’m onto the next part of the pattern. So far the pattern has been very well written.


And in other news:

This weekend Sharon and I will be doing some dyeing for the etsy shop (specifically, Corriedale, Polwarth, and some superwash BFL fiber) and getting a photo shoot accomplished for my Dark and Stormy sweater. And that means, I have to block it again and get the damn buttons sewn on! So much to do!

Mar 232010

Since the beginning of the new year, I’ve been heading to the gym with Sharon so we can run, take Zumba, or Body Jam, and just get into better shape. So far I’ve lost about 10 lbs, have 20 more to go, but I’m having a blast.  Last night we were taught the “stripper dip” during BodyJam class.  But all this time at the gym has left little knitting time.

However, I do have an FO to show, and a WIP!

First the FO.

Pattern: Citron

Yarn: My handspun superwash merino, dyed by our Jessica, in “A Rose by any other name . . .”

Needle: US 6 Addi Lace Turbo

Started: March, 1, 2010

Finished: March 21, 2010

Braid of fiber

Yummy fiber

spinning singles

Finished yarn

Finished yarn

Finished citron shawl

Finished citron shawl

I still have to weave in the ends. When it was blocking, I should have prepared it for the eventual kitty butt to be on it, but no, the cat smooshed it, pins and all, while it was drying. Oh well.

I’m in the middle of baby knitting extravaganza 2010.  I have 6 babies to be knitting for (a cousin, a cousin in law who is having twins, a friend of my MIL’s, my sister in law, and my friend Jen from college) – 3 of this babies are here already and have their sweaters:

Baby sweaters so far

Baby sweaters so far

1. Baby Yours sweater for Toi, 2. Baby Surprise Jacket for Jen, 3. Baby Mine sweater for Lisa

But I’m currently working on the first of two Baby Surprise Jackets for my cousin in law, Amber, who is having twins soon – I really need to get moving, I’m on row 65 according to my handy-dandy row keeper!  Gratuitous project shot:

baby surprise jacket #1 of 2

baby surprise jacket #1 of 2

I hope to get this one finished  before Saturday.

In other news, today I managed to score tickets to see Lady Gaga in Philly in September. This was after a failed attempt to get tickets to one of the 4 NYC shows at MSG. I’m very excited to go to this concert!

I’ll be spending the next 3 weekends at home in PA, and spending the first getting a swap package together – need some yummy local goodies for this special box. Luckily tastykakes are not in short supply in southeastern PA!

I’m still waiting on skywalker ranch photo approval, but I will post about that as soon as Gabe gets back to me.

And lastly, kitty belly!

kitty belly!

kitty belly!