Aug 192008

Okay this entry may just be the suckiest ever because I just.don’, but something inside is nagging me to blog so, here ya go. Been doing a lot of running around lately and I’m exhausted.

  • It’s 39 days until the wedding. Yes. 39. Gah. So much left to do, the responses are coming in and final meetings are scheduled with our vendors. Honeymoon hotel is booked, need to arrage rental car and flights still – hopefully have that finished next week.


  • Work has been good lately, going to have my mid year review sometime this week. Had to create spreadsheet of weekly summaries of what I’ve been doing since March. Funtimes.


  • Knitting has been productive lately.  I finished my Ravelympics project last night and have found the socks a new home as I don’t like them. And, as of today, I am taking a month long hiatus from sock knitting due to wrist pain.


  • I’ve joined the YMCA to start swimming again. I blame this entirely on Michael Phelps, but honestly, I did miss swimming and the olympics have really brought that feeling home. So yesterday was my first day to swim and wow, totally over did it. This may be cause of wrist pain as a major battle ensued with the locker that was to keep my belongings in! I will be doing 30-45 mins 3x a week, so essentially, MWF, and may increase to 4x a week – no guarantee. I am trying to lose ~ 10 lbs before the wedding, and this can easily be done and the dress will still fit, so don’t worry about that. 


  • I’ve been trying to destash a little bit. I’ve gotten rid of 3 skeins of noro kureyon, and 2 skeins of koigu kpppm and then of course, I buy more yarn.


  • Sweater knitting shall now commence, since, no socks for a month.  I have to finish a Clapotis for Cait still, but that’ll go smoothly and be great SnB knitting. I need to figure out what sweaters I will be attempting, I know already February Lady sweater and another Wicked – this time no pocket and definitely short sleeved again.  I do want to knit a central park hoodie, but I need yardage for my size and can hopefully find something suitable at Purl Soho since I have a store credit from the mishap with the BSA Alpaca & Silk that I purchased earlier in the summer.  There are a few patterns from KnitScene and IK that I want to make, but it all depends. I may get sick of sweaters super fast. I also need to do a set of Knucks for a friend that studies in London (way behind on these) and those will be next, after I finish up some of my WIP’s that aren’t socks.


  • And well, here are some FO’s I can so off!





Jan 112007

I got two boxes from Barnes & Noble today:

The Bridesmaid Guide
Kate Chynoweth

I got 6 copies of this, so yes, New Age Amazon and castingon, you will be getting copies! Hehe. It's cute.

Also in the box:

John Mayer

I just really like john mayer. I don't know.  I kinda feel weird admitting to that?


The thing I forgot about:

We found this book at Kards Unlimited and I just sat there and giggled at it the entire time I was reading.  There is a pattern for knitting pasties. Hahahahaha. I love it. Oh well, I was just informed that the baby blanket I had 3 weeks to do, may be due a little earlier.  So I've started another baby blanket. It wil be travelling home with me this weekend and hopefully, I'll be able to get two skeins done (read: half). Fun. I guess I have to knit lots because castingon can't?

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Nov 122006

New Age Amazon and I went to knit one today to get yarn for her to make a scarf for her grandmother, jean. 

I bought another pair of addi turbos – US 8s with 24" cord for making a sweater – eventually… but yeah . . I have finished my friend josephine's scarf:


Dontcha' just love my couch-chair-thing that is the backdrop for all of my photos i post on vox?

Here you can even see a picture from the party I was at tonight:

I look a little silly because I was somewhat intoxicated – Lindeman's Framboise lambic is a glorious thing to drink and I believe I had an entire litre of it this evening.  I was also singing along to a beatles song when they snapped the photo.  What an odd photo (i just really looked at it – I'm going to have to find a better picture of myself for this blog)

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Sep 212006

What's your musical horoscope?  (Put your music player on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come up.)  Inspired by Stephanie.

1.You Stole the Sun From My Heart – Manic Street Preachers
2. Dissolved Girl – Massive Attack
3. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine – The Killers
4. Stop Don't Panic – Jamiroquai
5. Everything's Not Lost – Coldplay
6. Digsy's Diner – Oasis
7. Wildwood Flower – Reese Witherspoon (Walk The Line)
8. Roll Up And Shine – Stereophonics
9. What Happened – Gretchen Wilson
10. Snowden – Doves

I'm really not sure how to interpret these hehe.

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