Nov 022012

Today JC was able to get on a train to go to NYC for work for the first time in a week. I’m amazed at how quickly NJ TRANSIT and Amtrak worked to get the North East Corridor up and running for the numerous commuters that travel to and from NY Penn Station daily. Given the amount of destruction that was photographed on other train lines, we lucked out on the NEC.

Personally, we lucked out as we lost power for all of 30 seconds on Monday evening.  Our Sharon lost her power for over 4 days and it finally came back on at 4 am this morning. Our house was on a little island of electrical power – friends came to give their kids showers, and we were able to have hot cooked meals, fresh water, and heat while so m any others are going without.

I spent about 10 minutes in line for gasoline today – our county is now going to be rationing gasoline.  This shouldn’t be an issue for us as of yet because our township does not allow for gas stations to operate within its borders – so we have to leave the township and thus the county to purchase gasoline.


We were very lucky with our end result from Sandy and our thoughts and prayers are with those who are still dealing with the aftermath of this historical storm. Also, many thanks to the many crews involved with getting power back on in our area: PSE&G and all of the crews who came in from other states; to the crews that worked many many hours to get the trains back up for service in 4 days; and thanks to Governor Christie for putting politics aside and focusing on our state.

Jul 202010

Trying to remember these ten on tuesday things!

The topic for 7/20 is 10 Things to Bring on a Camping Trip.

But I don’t do camping. I hate being outside, I hate bugs, I hate sleeping in a tent.

So how about 10 things I’d rather be doing instead of Camping?

  1. Sleeping at home in my own bed with my kitty.
  2. Knitting in my house.
  3. Spinning in my house.
  4. Cooking in my house.
  5. Using the facilities in my house.
  6. Being in my house.
  7. Having a few panes of glass between me and icky bugs.
  8. Washing my hands with soap and water at an actual sink.
  9. Baking cupcakes.
  10. Anything other than camping.

The latest shipment for the Pigeonroof studios fiber club arrived yesterday so here’s a pic of the lovely superwash merino roving from Krista in the Squall:

squall superwash merino

And I’ll leave you with a shot of the thunderhead that was building when I left the gym last night:

thunderhead building