Apr 172007

Things I love:

  • yummy yarn like blue sky alpaca and silk
  • addi turbos
  • continental cast on (just taught myself this today!)
  • yarn stores that are only a 10 minute bus ride away

Things I hate:

  • bamboo circular needles
  • knitting anything on bamboo needles, be they straight or circular
  • realizing that you've managed to twist the cast on edge before joining and having to frog current project.

ARGH.  My fingers are cranky from the long tail cast on experiment.  It was successful, albiet tight, but easiest 120 stitches I've ever casted on.

Final projects are due in a week.  Gah.

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Apr 122007

okay, aside from the depressing sock news, things have been going swimmingly.  I passed my oral comprehensive exam, Easter dinner was a success, and my schoolwork pile is growing exponentially.  Taxes are done (even did my office manager's son's taxes for her – I'm getting like $10 for this hehe). 

There is less than 3 weeks until I graduate with my Master's in Applied Statistics.  Excited? Yes. Impatient? Extremely.  I have senioritis (I think it still exists in graduate school).  I force myself to go to class and now have to force myself to work on these assignments.  Oh, have to pack too. I managed to score 14 boxes from the statistics department today, 3 from a restaurant that I am a regular at, and 2 from work.  Amazing.  I have to slowly bring them home (managed 4 today on the bus) and try to pack one a day.  I'm starting to see how much stuff I have in my teeny little studio apartment, but hey, I've lived here for the last 4 years. 

Hopefully the boy can come help me move, I've asked most of my guy friends to come help out, and I think I'm reserving the moving truck today. 

Let's hope that I can empty out my dvr since I have like the entire Planet Earth mini series and a bunch of episodes of the riches to watch.  There is always finals week 😉

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Mar 292007

I decided to sleep in and not go into work until around 1 today.  Ah the beauty of being a graduate student assistant.  Anyway, in the midst of doing laundry and re-potting plants, I decided to take those pictures that I promised Fluxx to show and example of the knitting styles. So here we are. The first two pictures are continental style, where the yarn is carried on the left hand, which really reminds me of how I carried the yarn for crocheting.

knittingsyle 002knittingsyle 001

Next, is one picture of english style knitting, which is hard to take a picture of when you are right handed!  The yarn is "thrown" around the needles with the right hand instead of "picked" off the yarn held in the left as in the continental style.

I'm really liking the continental for knitting stitch, but having a hard time with the purl stitch still.  I need to practice more.  Finding the time is the hard part. 

I'm going to try to get some WIP pics up later on tonight.

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Mar 122007

    It was a fun week off.  Frustrating, but fun.  Here's a recap:

Friday 3/2: flew home and hung out with the boy and the kitties.

Saturday 3/3:  Had a meeting at St. Aloysuuis with Father Benn, only Fr. Benn was not there to meet with us.  Met with Fr. Angelo instead and had a good meeting.  We filled out most of our paperwork for Pre-Cana.  We were told that Fr. Benn would contact us* soon about things that we discussed, i.e. if that date was a good date.  Went to see Zodiac.  It was a great film, very interesting and well done.

Sunday 3/4: Finally got to go see La Massaria at Bella Vista.  Brad gave a nice tour.  I think this is where we are going to have the reception.  I can't say for sure, because I haven't eaten their food and do not want my guests eating crappy food if we are paying $100 / head for this reception.  It will be a nice place because no decorations will be needed other than a ton of tealights on the tables (it's gonna look so freaking cool).  Mr. Lapio told my dad to talk to him before we signed the contract, so we may be getting a deal on this reception (YAY).

Monday 3/5: Went to Old Peddler's Wool in Morgantown to buy sock yarn (I KNOW) and have lunch at Shady Maple.  Stopped by Godmother's house because she had broken foot over the weekend or something like that.  Had a nice day with my mom :)

Tuesday 3/6:  Slept in and then had to pick mom up from work.  Walked around the King of Prussia Plaza until about 5 pm, when we went to pick up my friend Josie who was coming into the area for an interview with Merck. Went to Angelina's for dinner and ate way too much as usual. 

Wednesday 3/7:  Snow arrived and the 30 minute drive to Upper Gwynned took 1.5 hours.  Hung out in Audubon until 1, while Josie was interviewed for internship.  Drove home, packed her stuff up, drove to Norristown to pick mommers up at work, back to the Plaza for dinner at the cheesecake factory.  Took Josie to greyhound station so she could go back home.  Drove mommers home.

Thursday 3/8:  Again, slept in.  Picked up mom from work.  Had dinner with the rents at Longhorn.  Talked to castingon on the phone, spent time at boy's house with his mom.  Annoyed that grey's was a repeat. 

Friday 3/9:  packed and drove back to pittsburgh.  Called St. Al's to find out when priest is supposed to call.  They say today or Saturday.  Satisfied with this, I start to worry less. 

Sat / Sun: packed up stuff in apartment to send home.  NO HOT WATER IN APARTMENT = not able to shower.  Must shower at cousin's apartment.  ARGH.  Make delicious macaroni and cheese.  Sleep in bed with no sheets or duvet on it because everything is dirty. ARGH. 

Today:  Class at 10:30 cancelled because out of 4 people, I am the only one that shows up.  Hooray.  Return Wicked to library as I purchased it on Saturday.  Worked on HW lots.  Got really frustrated at homework, lots.  Have meeting with prof.  Took care of a lot of errand running.  Feel better.  No phone call from priest still, asked fiance to call church and have father angelo call him back to see if he will perform ceremony.  *headdesk*  I'm going home now, I can't stare at this R code much longer. 

I will be posting pictures of the baby blanket I am hoping to finish tonight, tonight.  I have 2 to do after this, but I think I'm going to tackle a pair of socks first. 

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Feb 262007

So I've started to try to get comfortable with purling continental style.  It is awkward.  Hopefully working on my mom's scarf will help since the second row of the pattern is purl 2 together, but purl into the second stitch before taking off needles.  I'll post a picture tonight.

Life has just been so stressful lately.  I've been struggling to finish a take home exam.  Yes, take home exam in graduate school due tomorrow by 12 noon.  Hopefully i can get somewhere with it today.  I'm on the last question which is a simulated clinical trial.  Fun.

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Feb 122007

School has taken over my life.  I've been running around like a maniac trying to get things done.  I cannot wait to go home this weekend and see my honey – we're going to Morton's for dinner on Saturday for our Valentine's celebration. 
I'm done tutoring finally.  I'm just sick of work too. One of my co-workers just continues to bitch about having to tutor so many people – you are a tutor, you work by appointment basis, IT'S YOUR DAMN JOB – IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, QUIT.


Knitting wise, I've purchased yarn for 2 more baby blankets, and taught myself how to knit continental style, as it is supposed to go faster?  I have several projects running now and hopefully will finish them all soon – these blankets need to get started and finished ASAP.

I purchased my first sock yarn and hopefully will be tackling that soon using the 2 circular needle method.  So more addi turbos are in my future. 

Friday cannot come soon enough….

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Feb 052007

Dear Nordie,

You are evil for not shutting down the university when the temperature is below 20 degrees.  The fact that the temperature right now (5 degrees F) is rediculous, but the windchill is -22 (or lower) F.  I cannot even fathom leaving my apartment to get my behind to class/work/campus tomorrow.

So, please. Be smart and cancel classes tomorrow.  Give me time to finish up my clinical trials assignment and give me the opportunity to not have to tutor ANYONE tomorrow. Please. I beg of you.



EDIT:  I took off and am not going to class today.  Even canceled my second HPV vaccine – friday now. 

I just could not see myself going outside.

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