May 072009

Okay, time for some knitting content.

My time lately has been sucked up by doing test knits for Yarnissima. I can’t post any photos. Which is a shame because these two socks? STUNNING. So instead, some FO’s and some spinning 😀

First off, socks:

Digitessa by Yarnissima (Rav link): I’m more than half done.  I have both socks started, one is finished, and the second is at the start of the gusset increases.

Digitessa sock #1

Digitessa sock #1


another pair of Firestarters by Yarnissima (Ravelry Link). Us 1 (2.5 mm) Addi Lace Turbo, Yarn: Dream in Color Starry in Happy Forest

Firestarter socks by Yarnissima

Firestarter socks by Yarnissima

Third: (Insane) Shur’tugal Socks done for the Socks that Rawk group KAL (Ravelry Link)

Yarn: BMFA Socks That Rock Medium Weight in colorway: Rook-y

Needles: US 1 (2.5 mm) Addi Lace Turbo

Shurtugal socks

Shur'tugal socks

So, that’s a lot of socks.  Also, a sweater:

Pattern: Rogue

Yarn: Cascade 220 in Aspen (7 skeins)

Needle: Us 7

Rogue Sweater

Rogue Sweater

Now onto some spinning FOs 😀

First, January club shipment from Zarzuela’s Fibers:

First 3 ply attempt, 6 oz, Corriedale

First 3 ply attempt, 6 oz, Corriedale

That’s only one of the hanks.


Singles for the FreckleFaceFibers spin-a-long that started May 1!

FreckleFaceFibers Merino 64s in Isle Caribe

FreckleFaceFibers Merino 64s in "Isle Caribe"

Merino 64s in the Isle Caribe colorway. This is eventually heading to Ashly.

Best get back to my test knitting and finishing up these singles. I want to ply this yarn soon!

I’m excited to say that Jessica asked me to get involved with Summer of Socks this year. I’m just thankful my sock mojo came back (I guess as well as the blogging mojo!).

Also, I’m looking forward to going to W.O.O.L. this year, once I recover everything from my stolen wallet, I get to reserve my spot!

Tonight we are going to go look at some condos in Princeton since we are desperately trying to get out of the rental environment.

I leave you with a cat photo:



May 012009

Hello my few and far between readers!

I really suck at this blogging thing. My new goal is to do this every day until June. Maybe it will get me in the habit.

Recent events? I have completed one test knit for the lovely Yarnissima and will be starting another one this evening. I’m a few days behind, but I see that as an okay thing, just to make sure those that have already started haven’t missed anything.  Everything is under wraps, no photos or hints, but these are two great patterns.  Wait, actually, the one, is Kiila that is being done as a mystery sock for Sock Knitters Anonymous.  Definitely go with a semi-solid or a straight solid yarn on that one my friends!

Spinning wise? I just finished plying up some 3 ply Corriedale from Zarzuela’s Fibers from the first fiber club Jessica offered.  This is from the January shipment and the final product needs to be washed and set before I can take some niec photos. Hopefully, I will post them by Sunday!

For the three lovely ladies that posted for the meme, give me a few more days but your prizes should be sent out before the 15th.  I have to go through some stuff and get myself together :) Please make sure I have your mailing addresses! (Kim, this does not include you haha!)

I’m right on schedule for another 12 pair of socks year, 4 pairs have been completed so far, and two are half done (Digitessa and Kiila) and I’m just past the heel turn on another vanilla toe up sock.

April was a crazy month: got sick, went to see Jon Stewart, went to see Travis, went to see Bruce Springsteen perform his final two shows with the E Street Band at the to be demolished Philadelphia Spectrum, and lost my wallet.  I’m in the process of replacing everything, but sheesh, this sucks!

Here are Chez Sairy we are getting over/in the midst of a horrible spring cold/allergy/sinus infection rally.  I’m at the tail end of it, the Boy is in the midst of it and is going to get checked out today.

Congrats need to go out to LittleWit on her engagement 😀 Congrats congrats congrats!

Other than that, tomorrow I will not be going to MDS&W as planned. Whatever virus has been brewing at my house needs to stay there, and so I will be instead going to NYC to hang out with Cait and her mom (read: lunch and YARN). Can’t wait!

More when I get home tomorrow 😀

Jan 022009

These are apparently in reverse order!

  1. cowl for mom
  2. feng huang socks that I testknit
  3. clapotis #4
  4. February Lady Sweater
  5. Nanner Socks
  6. Clapotis #3
  7. Baby Mine Sweater
  8. Baby Surprise Jacket
  9. Clapotis #2
  10. River Ripple Socks
  11. Odessa
  12. Ravelympic Socks
  13. Wicked
  14. Zombie Socks
  15. Firestarter Socks
  16. Froot Loops Socks
  17. Monkey Socks Pair #2
  18. Tiramisu Baby Blanket
  19. Twilight Socks
  20. Clapotis #1
  21. Zen Socks
  22. Monkey Socks #1
  23. Mini Firestarter Sock
  24. Katamari
  25. Nintendo DS Lite Cozy
  26. BFF Socks (which I somehow cannot seem to find)
  27. Calorimetry
  28. Fetchings for me
  29. My So Called Scarf #2
  30. RPM Socks

And with a few days to spare in 2008, I finished my 14th pair of socks, a test knit for Yarnissima, which will be given to my sister as her xmas gift (which she knows about since I gave her one sock already!)

With 2009, I’m trying to remember to blog. We just moved in December, and while I’m still unpacking, things have calmed down considerably.  I have time to spin and knit and enjoy time with my kitty, Haley.  I’ve also joined up with my friends Jessica and Lindsey to help run the Plurk Craft 365 Flickr group! So far I’ve remember to post two days in a row!!!!!

Now for some knitting content, I’ve signed up for two KAL’s, one for La Digitessa and one for Leyburn Socks.  The Leyburns will be out of Socks That Rock Lightweight and each person in the KAL is using a different colorway – so the results should be interesting! And of course, I drop everything and just cast on a pair of toe up no purl monkey socks in some STR LW in Christmas Balls:

I hope to finish these by the weekend, and make some progress on the Leyburns too.  That is if I get more stuff unpacked/organized!

Happy new year!

Jul 072008

Since I’m all but finished with the first ball of fluff from Woolbearers, I had to go in search of new fiber for spinning!  First, I ended up at FreckleFaceFibers and bought some lovely BFL!

Sun Dried

Second order came from Jessica, or Zarzuela, who has a new etsy shop!


Can’t wait to start spinning these!


I had ordered via the Grey’s Anatomy group on Ravelry some Seriously? sock yarn:


And picked up this at Woolbearer’s:

dream in color smoooooshy!

My firestarters are going along well, spoke with Yarnissima on Ravelry to find out that I was reading the wrong row of the chart! Crossing for the cable should close the hole – will attempt this tomorrow!

Jul 032008

Clearly you can tell that things have been a little nutty in the Sairy household. Here’s what has been on the needles lately:

zombie sock #1

Pattern: Zombie socks

Yarn: BFMA Socks That Rock Lightweight Ravenclan series – Valkyrie

finished Froot loops

Finished pair of Froot Loops from Knitty Spring 2008 surprise! Yarn is Koigu KPPPM (I have a problem with this yarn… I love it)


Firestarter by Yarnissima!

Or that should be re-started Firestarters by Yarnissima! out of, well, Koigu KPPPM.  This go around they are going much better – I’m on the gusset increases now! These are my FIRST socks for summer of socks 2008. I’m a late starter. That’s all I can say. 

Also on the needles, an odessa hat, wicked, a new malabrigo clapotis for Cait, and well, I need to start the mates for the river ripple socks and the zombie socks.  Those will come soon.

Work has been crazy lately and things have just calmed down – nice that it is happening before a holiday weekend. Wedding planning is still going smoothly, I have to call the reception site and inform them of our food choices, finish up creating direction cards in Publisher, and then we can start to get the invitations sent out! So much is happening so fast!  Best get back to work now!

Jun 042008

I’ve managed to finish two socks, neither being a full pair.  Here they are:

koigu kpppm and pattern is river rapids sock from the page a day stitch n bitch calendar 2008.

koigu kpppm again, pattern is froot loops from the spring knitty surprise 2008!

I’ve cast on another pair of monkey socks in collinette jitterbug.  I’m hoping I have enough yarn for the pair, I think I will be okay, since I usually have a ton left over from every other skein! Pics tomorrow as it is raining today!

May 152008

Not much has been going here at chez sairy! Work is humming along.  I FINALLY  got my computer so I get to sit at MY desk!

Knitting wise, Marcia received her package and I’ve completed two socks of different pairs…

twilight sock #1

please ignore my dirty patio – we haven’t gotten around to fixing that up yet.

Had to restart the baby blanket for Laurie, but that is about 32×12″ now. I may have to buy more yarn this weekend, but that is easy enough.

My friend Cait is coming to PA with us for Memorial day weekend!  I am thrilled about this because I haven’t seen her since I went to NYC with JC for his interview at Marvel (almost a year!).

Wedding wise, the cake is picked out, flowers decided on, and invitations ordered!  Invites should be done by next week, I have to call the florist because I haven’t gotten the estimate from our meeting.  *sigh*.

And tomorrow, I get to go home and see this fuzz ball:


And hopefully more blooms from this plant: