Apr 122010

This weekend was Fashion Plates 4, the yearly fashion show fundraiser for my MIL’s non-profit community arts center/art gallery: The Gallery School of Pottstown at Gallery on High (GSP).  I’m a horrible blogger for not taking any photos of the event but I was able to go with my mom, my friend Amanda, and her mom Judy.  We had a wonderful lunch of cheeses, fruits, hors d’oeuvr, crepes, and a signature cocktail – Parisian Punch.  The Philadelphia Premium Outlets provided the fashion show with lovely spring fashions from Banana Republic, The Gap, Brooks Brothers, Nike, and more. It was a lovely afternoon that ended with a silent auction to benefit GSP. Last year I donated a hand-knit hand-spun cowl.  This year I chose Square Cake from the Winter 2007 issue of Knitty. I chose the black cherry colorway of Tilli Thomas Disco Lights and found a lovely purple fat quarter of fabric from Jo-Ann fabrics and this was the final product:

Finished Square Cake bag

Finished Square Cake bag

Which I lined by hand and by using my grandmother’s sewing machine (a Singer Touch-n-Sew 603E from 1965):

Lining of Square Cake Purse

Lining of Square Cake Purse

This is just such a cute little bag!



I’m thrilled with how this came out.  This purse was actually sold twice at the auction, bringing in $165 for GSP! The winner of the auction offered to give it to the runner up and also make her winning bid donation – so another Square Cake bag will be in the works!

I’m still plugging away on some socks and started the baby blanket for my niece to be – I hope to have a progress shot of the blanket tomorrow for another update.

Mar 312010

until March 4th, 2010. We found out the boy was getting a bonus and our friend Gabe told us to come visit her at any time.  The bonus for visiting Gabe? She works at Lucas Film!!!

So here’s how it went.

We took the bus to the train to the airport (Newark). Got on our non-stop flight and were seated with this huge dude who drank 3 beers and 5 mini bottles of gin during the 4.5 hour flight. He was drunk. He stood for half of the flight. He sang for half of the flight. I prayed for the entire flight that he did a) not vomit and b ) not be on our flight home. We flew over mountains:

View from the plane

Other than our seat companion, our flight out was nice. I got a lot of knitting done, the boy watched TV the entire time (thanks to DirecTV for their inflight service for $6).  We arrived in SFO and picked up our rental car:

Yellow Bug!

Yellow Bug!

And drove up US 101 to our hotel. I got to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. I was thoroughly geeked out.

That night we went into downtown Novato and had dinner and walked around.  We found Llama Llama Knit and had dinner a nice little Italian place – excellent gnocchi and tiramisu!  The one benefit of living in NJ is not being able to buy one of your favorite dyer’s fiber at the LYS.  This came home with me:

Lucky Break BFL from Pigeonroof Studios

Lucky Break BFL from Pigeonroof Studios

Downtown Novato allowed the boy to get his first Shamrock Shake of the year. We headed back to the hotel (The Inn Marin) which was rather nice despite being right on US 101. We had a “garden” room so we were further back from the road.  The constant rush of noise from the highway meant that we had to sleep with the TV on all night, but still, a nice place to stay – we would stay here again! The hotel also had lemon trees which I have never seen before (since I’ve lived on the east coast my entire life) so this was a BIG DEAL.

Lemon tree!

Lemon tree!

And a gorgeous Magnolia tree:



This was also pretty impressive because everything was blooming in CA. Everything was still DEAD in NJ. But enough of the hotel, let’s talk Lucas Film!

Gabe had arranged for us to tour both Skywalker Ranch and the offices for ILM.  We started at ILM Friday morning. When you arrive, the reception area features:

Darth Vader

Darth Vader

and …

Mr. Fett

Mr. Fett

Among the cool things we saw on our tour of ILM were the original Vigo painting from Ghostbusters 2, an E.T. model, models from Jurassic Park, the head of Davy Jones from Pirates 2, and so on and so forth. It was really neat to see how everything is made and goes on for the movies.

After the tour of ILM we headed up to Nicasio to tour Skywalker Ranch. Holy Moley. It was like driving up the side of a mountain.


In the photo above there is a guard rail. Most of the way up the hill, the speed limit is 25 with 180 degree turns and NO guard rail. Was quite an interesting drive on the way up.  We toured Skywalker Ranch and had lunch with Gabe and two of her co-workers, Gary and Frank.  No photos were allowed while we were walking around but there are sheep on the ranch and everything is meticulously maintained.  At the end of our tour we got to meet Dave Filoni (another Pittsburgh fan!) and have a chat with him – he is wonderful!

Me and the boy with Dave

Me and the boy with Dave Filoni and YODA

After our lovely tour from Gabe we went out for drinks with a bunch of her co-workers as one of the directors was leaving. Then we got to drive down that crazy road on the hill in the dark. Hoo boy.

The next morning we met up with Gabe and headed into downtown SF to hit up the fantastic farmers market at the Embarcadero. I would move to SF just for this farmers market. We had lunch and poked around some of the stands before wandering the streets of SF.  We went into union square to check out the cable car but did not get on one due to the lines. I took several photos though. Next time I will ride 😀

cable car being turned around

cable car being turned around

That evening we went to E & O Trading Company for dinner with Gabe.  Gabe is friends with Rene who is the head chef at the Larkspur location. We had the best butternut squash dumplings I have ever had. We will definitely be going back again and I think I will gorge myself on dumplings.

During our trip we tried to stay on Eastern time as much as possible.  This meant we were lame and were usually in bed by 9 pm, but it made getting up at 4 am (really 7 to us at this point) to get to the airport for our flight home which was at 7 am local. The flight home was uneventful, which was great.  Sharon and her hubby picked us up at the train station and we got to have dinner with them which was a nice way to ease back into being home.  I cannot wait for our next trip to CA and hopefully we’ll be there for more than 2.5 days.  There is so much I want to see/do etc.

More photos are here.  I didn’t want to bore what few readers I have with more sea lion shots. So that’s our trip. Short and sweet. But I’m working on some knitting projects to hopefully have another FO post later this week!

Mar 262010

Baby surprise jacket #1 of 2 for cousin in law Amber is done. Whew. I am casting on #2 today at lunch.  #1 is re-soaking and needs to be blocked (scandal!) before I can seam the sleeves and sew on the buttons (which will happen tonight I hope).

Coral Reef BSJ

Coral Reef BSJ

The yarn is Tempted Hand Painted Good Grrl in the colorway Coral Reef.  Stacey is a brilliant dyer. This yarn was lovely to work with, I will have to track down some more!

The next BSJ will be out of Cascade Heritage Paints sock yarn.  Amber is having a boy and a girl, so I went the traditional route of pink and blue but Amber will probably not pay any attention to the whole pink and blue stereotype.  She is wonderful and I cannot wait to meet these two little kiddos.

Cascade Heritage paints for next BSJ

Cascade Heritage paints for next BSJ

These baby sweaters are a good way to cull the sock yarn herd.  Pretty soon I’m just going to have my wollmeise stash remaining if these ladies keep getting pregnant. Hah.

I’ve also started in on my super secret knitting project (Rav link) – using some lovely alpaca laceweight from Sharon (yay free yarn).  Hope to have this project completed by July! (note that I’m giving myself PLENTY of time).  This weekend, I need to obtain some addi lace turbos in a US9, the normal ones I have are a) too blunt and b) way too short, need a much longer cable than 24″ since this thing ends up with 433 stitches before binding off. Sheesh.

But for now, I’m still in baby knitting land but I can finally see the border!

Nov 222009




But the good thing in this? I’ve figured out how I want my yarn organized in the new apartment. I would like to get a cheap dresser with 5 drawers and keep one type of yarn in each drawer.

But inbetween packing and cleaning and painting and everything else:



Monte's Autumn Garden

Monte's Autumn Garden

is quickly turning into:

Monte’s Autumn Garden

Monte’s Autumn Garden from Pigeon Roof Studios

This is the first part of 4 oz of falkland from Pigeon Roof Studios, my first ever club shipment, colorway is Monte’s Autumn Garden. I will definitely renew this subscription! So far the falkland has been a dream to spin – this is my first time spinning it too!


Finished up is some shetland also from Pigeon Roof Studios in the Ghost Orchid colorway.  I need to measure yardage and WPI.  Anyone have any project ideas for this?  I’ve never knit with shetland and have no idea what kind of project it would be suited for. (argh preposition at the end of a sentence but I’m tired!)

Ghost Orchid shetland

Ghost Orchid shetland from PRS

Progress is also being made on my mom’s sweater – I’m working my way up the chart on the front part of the sweater, the back is done, so hopefully over the long weekend I can get the hood started/finished/something.


Guess it’s time to pack some more boxes.


Jun 032009

This is a really neat idea!  The signups end today (June 3) but go head to the Ravelry group: A Starbucks and Yarn Swap and check out the details.

Here are the guidelines:

Sign Up Begins: May 27th

Sign Up Ends: June 3rd

Matches Sent Out: June 5th

What Will Go In The Kit

$10 Sbux Gift Card
One hank/skein of yarn
One small projects pattern (i.e. wash cloth, fingerless mitts, coasters, ect.)
One set of Stitch markers

Dollar Amount:
Minimum of $20 – Maximum of $30

Duration of Swap:
Two (2) Months

Swap Ends: August 7th

All participants will need to check in weekly. There will be a weekly check-in thread posted. Passes will be given to those on vacation and if family emergencies come up, but any absences must be communicated as soon as possible. After being absent for two weeks with no communication swappers will be dropped from the swap.

If you do decide to sign up, tell ’em Sairy sent ya 😀   it also doesn’t matter if you are non-US – people from Canada and the UK and other places have already joined 😀

May 072009

Okay, time for some knitting content.

My time lately has been sucked up by doing test knits for Yarnissima. I can’t post any photos. Which is a shame because these two socks? STUNNING. So instead, some FO’s and some spinning 😀

First off, socks:

Digitessa by Yarnissima (Rav link): I’m more than half done.  I have both socks started, one is finished, and the second is at the start of the gusset increases.

Digitessa sock #1

Digitessa sock #1


another pair of Firestarters by Yarnissima (Ravelry Link). Us 1 (2.5 mm) Addi Lace Turbo, Yarn: Dream in Color Starry in Happy Forest

Firestarter socks by Yarnissima

Firestarter socks by Yarnissima

Third: (Insane) Shur’tugal Socks done for the Socks that Rawk group KAL (Ravelry Link)

Yarn: BMFA Socks That Rock Medium Weight in colorway: Rook-y

Needles: US 1 (2.5 mm) Addi Lace Turbo

Shurtugal socks

Shur'tugal socks

So, that’s a lot of socks.  Also, a sweater:

Pattern: Rogue

Yarn: Cascade 220 in Aspen (7 skeins)

Needle: Us 7

Rogue Sweater

Rogue Sweater

Now onto some spinning FOs 😀

First, January club shipment from Zarzuela’s Fibers:

First 3 ply attempt, 6 oz, Corriedale

First 3 ply attempt, 6 oz, Corriedale

That’s only one of the hanks.


Singles for the FreckleFaceFibers spin-a-long that started May 1!

FreckleFaceFibers Merino 64s in Isle Caribe

FreckleFaceFibers Merino 64s in "Isle Caribe"

Merino 64s in the Isle Caribe colorway. This is eventually heading to Ashly.

Best get back to my test knitting and finishing up these singles. I want to ply this yarn soon!

I’m excited to say that Jessica asked me to get involved with Summer of Socks this year. I’m just thankful my sock mojo came back (I guess as well as the blogging mojo!).

Also, I’m looking forward to going to W.O.O.L. this year, once I recover everything from my stolen wallet, I get to reserve my spot!

Tonight we are going to go look at some condos in Princeton since we are desperately trying to get out of the rental environment.

I leave you with a cat photo:



May 012009

Hello my few and far between readers!

I really suck at this blogging thing. My new goal is to do this every day until June. Maybe it will get me in the habit.

Recent events? I have completed one test knit for the lovely Yarnissima and will be starting another one this evening. I’m a few days behind, but I see that as an okay thing, just to make sure those that have already started haven’t missed anything.  Everything is under wraps, no photos or hints, but these are two great patterns.  Wait, actually, the one, is Kiila that is being done as a mystery sock for Sock Knitters Anonymous.  Definitely go with a semi-solid or a straight solid yarn on that one my friends!

Spinning wise? I just finished plying up some 3 ply Corriedale from Zarzuela’s Fibers from the first fiber club Jessica offered.  This is from the January shipment and the final product needs to be washed and set before I can take some niec photos. Hopefully, I will post them by Sunday!

For the three lovely ladies that posted for the meme, give me a few more days but your prizes should be sent out before the 15th.  I have to go through some stuff and get myself together :) Please make sure I have your mailing addresses! (Kim, this does not include you haha!)

I’m right on schedule for another 12 pair of socks year, 4 pairs have been completed so far, and two are half done (Digitessa and Kiila) and I’m just past the heel turn on another vanilla toe up sock.

April was a crazy month: got sick, went to see Jon Stewart, went to see Travis, went to see Bruce Springsteen perform his final two shows with the E Street Band at the to be demolished Philadelphia Spectrum, and lost my wallet.  I’m in the process of replacing everything, but sheesh, this sucks!

Here are Chez Sairy we are getting over/in the midst of a horrible spring cold/allergy/sinus infection rally.  I’m at the tail end of it, the Boy is in the midst of it and is going to get checked out today.

Congrats need to go out to LittleWit on her engagement 😀 Congrats congrats congrats!

Other than that, tomorrow I will not be going to MDS&W as planned. Whatever virus has been brewing at my house needs to stay there, and so I will be instead going to NYC to hang out with Cait and her mom (read: lunch and YARN). Can’t wait!

More when I get home tomorrow 😀

Nov 182008

Every year I tell myself, no holiday knitting.

And every year I fail.

The first year was hell, why put myself through it again? Because you can’t say no to family, especially Moms. Both of them requested Clapotis’s (Clapotii??) for people for gifts. MIL for our super awesome Godmother(in-law?) who is wonderful, and My mom for a doctor she has worked with for FOREVER.  Both are being done out of Malabrigo Merino Worsted, one in the Vaa colorway, the other in Stonechat. Lori sent over a set of stitch markers for me to try out, so these will be used on #2 and I cannot wait, they are stunning (photos will be added later!).  So as of right now, I have 4 straight repeats left on #1, and hope to complete it by the end of the week.  Then #2 will be started, it is due by 12/14.  Easily done, I hope!

Other holiday knits? Super secret. All I can say is stash yarn and a pattern has been picked.  Doesn’t leave me a lot of time – may have to treat this last one like a Ravelympics project.

Spinning wise, I’m working on a 4 oz braid of Superwash Merion from Zarzuela’s Fibers in a watermelonish colorway. I am in love.  But there is not much time for spinning when one has Clapotii to knit!  I hope to get this single finished this weekend and get the next one before thanksgiving.  I am goig to try to go to my highschool’s juried art show over the holiday weekend, there is a fiber vendor there and I would LOVE to purchase some local Boyertown fiber! My mom also found out that there is an alpaca farm close to our house (think less than 2 miles) and they also sell “that stuff you use with your wheel”. Aww mom <3

Work is going well. Nothing else to report on that front.  I am sending a little goodie package to my cousin that has been knitting for what seems like forever, containing some handspun yarn and some Wollmeise. Yes, I am parting with a skein of Wollmeise. But she is my knitting inspiration. I can only HOPE to be that good someday!

Oct 132008

Okay, so I’ve been rather quiet as far as this blog goes.  Things have been insane lately!


First, I’m now happily married.  On Sept 27, John and I tied the knot at Most Blessed Sacrament Church in Bally, PA, with our reception at La Massaria at Bella Vista Golf Course.  Everything went perfectly and from what we can tell, everyone had a wonderful time.  We meet with our photographer on the 25th, so I will be sure to post the link for our photos here, after we’ve picked them of course!

Our honeymoon took us to Orlando, Florida where we stayed on Universal Studios property, specifically at the Loew’s Royal Pacific Resort.  The hotel was fab – decorcated in a post WWII pacific feel, there were stunning orchids, tahitian huts, luau’s, hawaiian shirts, and it was just fantastic. We would stay there again, no questions asked.  

Since the wedding? Well, I went to the Garden State Sheep & Wool festival with Sharon and Jess, we did all of our banking merging, put a deposit down on a larger apartment (2 br, 1 bath), bought much needed bookcases, did a massive clean of the apartment (there is still more to do), sent out a billion thank you notes (still more to go) and have been enjoying married life. This friday I’m going to make it official and go to the Social Security office and PennDOT and change my name 😀 


Knitting wise? I’ve purchased a ton of fiber from Jess, a new spindle which is making things so much easier, and am saving up some $ for a wheel.  Sharon and I will be testing a few while we are at Rhinebeck this weekend (SO excited). 


I’ll be inserting some photos in here later on, I have to get to a meeting for a presentation I’ll have to give in a few days. Gah.

Aug 192008

Okay this entry may just be the suckiest ever because I just.don’t.feel.like.blogging, but something inside is nagging me to blog so, here ya go. Been doing a lot of running around lately and I’m exhausted.

  • It’s 39 days until the wedding. Yes. 39. Gah. So much left to do, the responses are coming in and final meetings are scheduled with our vendors. Honeymoon hotel is booked, need to arrage rental car and flights still – hopefully have that finished next week.


  • Work has been good lately, going to have my mid year review sometime this week. Had to create spreadsheet of weekly summaries of what I’ve been doing since March. Funtimes.


  • Knitting has been productive lately.  I finished my Ravelympics project last night and have found the socks a new home as I don’t like them. And, as of today, I am taking a month long hiatus from sock knitting due to wrist pain.


  • I’ve joined the YMCA to start swimming again. I blame this entirely on Michael Phelps, but honestly, I did miss swimming and the olympics have really brought that feeling home. So yesterday was my first day to swim and wow, totally over did it. This may be cause of wrist pain as a major battle ensued with the locker that was to keep my belongings in! I will be doing 30-45 mins 3x a week, so essentially, MWF, and may increase to 4x a week – no guarantee. I am trying to lose ~ 10 lbs before the wedding, and this can easily be done and the dress will still fit, so don’t worry about that. 


  • I’ve been trying to destash a little bit. I’ve gotten rid of 3 skeins of noro kureyon, and 2 skeins of koigu kpppm and then of course, I buy more yarn.


  • Sweater knitting shall now commence, since, no socks for a month.  I have to finish a Clapotis for Cait still, but that’ll go smoothly and be great SnB knitting. I need to figure out what sweaters I will be attempting, I know already February Lady sweater and another Wicked – this time no pocket and definitely short sleeved again.  I do want to knit a central park hoodie, but I need yardage for my size and can hopefully find something suitable at Purl Soho since I have a store credit from the mishap with the BSA Alpaca & Silk that I purchased earlier in the summer.  There are a few patterns from KnitScene and IK that I want to make, but it all depends. I may get sick of sweaters super fast. I also need to do a set of Knucks for a friend that studies in London (way behind on these) and those will be next, after I finish up some of my WIP’s that aren’t socks.


  • And well, here are some FO’s I can so off!